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  • Fooled By Randomness(Taleb)
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  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Livermore)
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June 3, 2010

Trader Coaching and Real-Time Trading Room..

Hey Traders-

Going to focusing on getting these two aspects up and running again. Please chime in with any requests/ideas. I am looking to set up a FULL SERVICE, REAL TIME, and PROVEN profitable trading room, but I am only going to accept the FIRST 15 TRADERS who are SERIOUS about trading and serious about making money in FOREX.  I will also include free coaching during these trading sessions, as well as individualized one-on-one coaching if this is desired. We will make great trades, we will make money, and we will all learn a heck of a lot from each other. Most of this industry is total BS. That's why I had to go out on my own and figure things out. Now I want to return the favor, and trading with friends is always better!  I have great systems and indicator setups that I use in my own trading that I am more than willing to share with others, all I ask is that you come everyday and give it a good effort. The room will be FREE FOR THE FIRST 30 DAYS. After that point, it will only be $24.99/month for basic and $49.99/month for advanced memberships....Details to follow, no need to rush guys/gals. Just let me know what you want/like/thing works/doesn't work...I'm looking forward to it!

Aloha and Happy Trading...


I included a few helpful books to get you started down the right path. Books that I have read and most successful traders have read. Right of passage guys!
THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF TRADING MEMOIRS. MUST READ. Priceless takes from Jesse Livermoore, the best trader to ever live.

Fantastic read, BIG time traders talking strategy, psychology, and technique. Must read for serious long term success...

One of my FAVORITE trading books of all time. Marty Swartz, you ROCK! This guy knows about trading, knows the game. These are the types of minds we want to pick...

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