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  • Enhancing Trader Performance(Steenbarger)
  • Fooled By Randomness(Taleb)
  • Market Wizards(Schwager)
  • New Market Wizards (Schwager)
  • Pit Bull(Schwartz)
  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Livermore)
  • The Black Swan (Taleb)
  • Trade For A Living(Dr. Elder)
  • Trading In The Zone (Mark Douglas)
  • Trading Rules That Work (Jankovsky)
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June 5, 2010

System Ideas and Recommended Reading : )

Short and sweet this weekend guys/gals, but trust me, the information below is extremely valuable and will help anyone trying to become a consistently profitable trader. The books, WITHOUT QUESTION, are industry standards, have been read by almost 100% of the profitable traders out there, and are a great starting point even for hobby enthusiasts, not just professional traders.  I find myself looking through these books time and time again, even though I have read all of them several times. I must say that my favorite 'educational story' is by Jesse Livermore (Edwin Lefevre's perspective) in "Reminiscences of A Stock Operator" and my favorite pure education book is by Mark Douglas, "Trading In The Zone". Those two books alone changed my approach to trading, and in doing so changed my life forever. Powerful stuff, and for those who have the time and effort required to absorb not only the direct lessons and facts, but as well the nuanced psychological and behavioral tips, success is only a matter of your level of determination. Empower yourself and take your trading to the next level...

A quick update on our potential "trading room". I have been in contact with several of you from around the globe (great to have a worldly group!), and it looks like there could be enough quality interest to try some interesting things out. I am proposing to do a sort of 'group meet n' greet' in Webinar format next week. It will be FREE of course, and should give everyone a good chance to look at my charting and systems, ask questions, talk FOREX and trading, and perhaps even find some setups to teach with and give quality examples with so everyone can have a taste of what to expect from a fully paid QUALITY service a few months down the road. Too much hype in this business, far, far, far too much. I became fed up with it years ago and was lucky to get in contact with a few professionals who mentored my development, so naturally I have a great desire to share the success with others, but it's just so hard to separate one's self from "the sludge". So, alas, this is my attempt, and hopefully we can all share in the benefits together! I also realize how hard it is to find quality help out there, believe me, I have experienced my own amount of scams and fast talkers. NOT COOL. And to boot, it just makes the industry more shady and helps nobody. So lets be committed, honest, learn, and make a great deal of cash while doing it. Come join me!

Nigel/Hawaiitrader.... (okay, so yea, not so "short and sweet", lol)

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