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October 3, 2009

Happy Trading New Year! (and some trading room ideas)

Hello Traders! Long time, indeed. The summer is over, and the Fall is in full swing. This means that the Trading New Year has finally arrived! Well, not really but this time of the year always feels like a brand new environment. All the big boys are back, major pieces of economic data always have the markets moving, and in many ways this time of the year sets the momentum both psychologically and fundamentally from now until the Spring. Things can always change, but the addition of major participants coming back into the market place this time of year is undeniable in its influence. It's a great time to get focused, sharpen your strategies, and create some new and positive goals for your own trading.

On that note, I have been contacted throughout the summer and as recently as yesterday about the possibility of opening a trading room. There are really positives and negatives when it comes to trading rooms, but I most definitely know that with a great group of similarly motivated and focused traders, a lot of good things can happen for everyone. I have an interest in creating a forum for all of us to collaborate, but I need more feedback from YOU! What type of trading, what type of lessons, what type of strategies, and on and on. If we are going to do this, we must do it right, and keep the group fairly small. Something like this can be done for less than $50/month, and I am willing to go as far as to say that if you can prove to me beyond a reasonable doubt that you have not profited from being involved with the trading room, you don't pay a monthly subscription fee. I don't think anyone out there does that, but who cares, we can be the first. I always wondered why this wasn't offered by trading rooms, and it became clear as time went on; they aren't making money either! Anyways, let me know what you guys think and we can proceed from there, no rush.

I will slowly be adding to my updates as the days go by, so be on the look out. This weeks opportunities were numerous, no matter what pair you traded and I expect next week to be more of the same. The markets are in transition mode with previous trends shifting to new ones, and signs of this are showing in everything from equities to bonds to currency.

I can be reached at Nigel4sher@gmail.com
Happy Trading!